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Become a JASON National Argonaut today!
JASON is seeking a diverse, creative, and adventurous group of students and educators to become Argonauts and explore oceanography! Apply Now!
Author: The JASON Project
Date Posted: 3/30/2012
Apply to Join the JASON National Argonaut Team to Explore Oceanography!

The JASON Project is seeking a diverse, creative, and adventurous group of students and educators to venture into the field with scientists to perform cutting edge science explorations. The Argonauts will embark on a journey starting in summer 2012, during which they will:  
  • Work side by side with scientists in the field, completing a JASON field experience around the topic of oceanography
  • Serve as a mentor and role model for the JASON community 
  • Regularly interact with the entire JASON community through speaking engagements, online posts and more! 
Student and Educator Argonauts will spend up to 10 days in the field during the summer of 2012. Additional participation in JASON activities such as speaking at events and contributing online content will continue after the field experience. JASON will pay for all travel, lodging, food (meals and snacks), and programming/equipment costs related to JASON Argonaut activities.

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Adventure video
JASON showed me a new way to learn that doesn’t require a book, a way where you actually go into the field like a real scientist
Student Argo Maria Marquez

This experience energizes me to bring the best to my students everyday!
Educator Argo Jennifer Peglow

Applications are being accepted now, with a deadline of Tuesday, May 1, 2012. Student and educator selection will be finalized by the end of May 2012. Students should be 14 or 15 years old by June 1, 2012 to apply. Educators need at least five years of experience working with students and continuation as an educator in 2012-2013. All Argonaut candidates should be willing and able to travel to an international location.

For more information or to apply, log in and visit the Argonaut Application page in the JASON Mission Center to download complete application guidelines, instructions and forms. If you haven't been to the JASON Mission Center before, you can register now for free. Additional questions regarding the JASON National Argonaut program can be sent to argo@jason.org.